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Stephen Morris Shipping has been export packing antiques, fine art and household effects (among other things!) for over 40 years. The company employs experienced packing crews that are equipped to pack ‘on site’ or at our warehouse, as is required. Packing is tailored to the item itself and to the mode of transport for its shipment. The rule is ‘attention to detail’!

Stephen Morris Shipping pioneered Tri-Wall casing. This utilises a very sturdy board manufactured from corrugated card which is placed around a wooden frame custom-built to transport it’s contents safely. The case weighs about half the equivalent wooden case but loses none of the strength associated with a wooden case. Where a wooden case is specified, often to be re-used for multiple journeys, then our in-house casing team will also build it to size and line it with polystyrene or Ethafoam where required. Variations for hanging chandeliers, mirrors and art in transit are built almost every day and the company is proud to supply cases to many leading auction houses and galleries.

There are not many items that have not passed through our packing area – from jewellery to furniture to paintings and from cars to trains to ‘planes ……….